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Wondering If Solar Will Work For Your Home? Let Us Check!

Wondering If Solar Will Work For Your Home?

Solar Shingle Installation in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Shanco proudly offers GAF Timberline Solar Shingles for installation in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia markets. GAF Timberline Solar Shingles give homeowners a roofing product that generates clean energy without building a structure on your roof for solar panels. Solar shingles replace the traditional roof shingle to create an eco-friendly roof product that works as a standard shingle.

Install Team
Expert Installation


Shanco’s crew of roofing experts complete the installation of GAF Timberline Solar Shingles. Our team meets the installation requirements as provided by GAF to ensure your roof adheres to the full 25-year warranty.

Solar You Can Step On
 Unmatched Durability

Solar You Can
Step On

Durability is a key feature of the Timberline Solar Shingle. It’s durable enough to walk on and strong enough to withstand 130 mph winds. The rugged composition doesn’t interfere with the shingle’s water-shedding capabilities. Water will be whisked away to keep your home dry.

Solar Dual Certification
Dual Certification


The GAF Timberline Solar Shingle is the first nailable solar shingle. It is the only roofing shingle that has earned classification as a roofing product and a solar product. GAF earned the Best of Innovation at the CES 2022 convention for reinventing the solar shingle.

Solar Shingles vs. Traditional Solar Panels

The Experience

Shanco provides expert roofing installation with best-in-class service. As an A+ rated local roofing company, we take our reputation seriously. Partnering with Shanco as your solar shingle installation company means that you can expect open lines of communication with established timelines for your project. We always put you first.

In order for us to understand your energy consumption, please provide us with a copy of your electricity bill during your consultation. We don’t need to take it, we’ll just snap a quick picture.


consultation process


installation process

Energy Savings at the Palm of Your Hand

With the GAF Energy app, you can monitor your energy production in real-time. Control your system from anywhere with instant alerts and remote access.

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Financing Options Made Easy

Financing your solar shingle roof is a great way to drive down the monthly cost of your project. By spreading it out over 10, 15, 20, or even 25 years, you may be able to significantly lower your monthly payment to a level lower than your current electric bill.

Shanco has partnered with Mosaic to offer competitive financing options, making your sustainable home a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Determining if solar is a good fit starts with your electric bill. You may be a good candidate if your monthly electric bills exceed $75 a month. The team at Shanco will review your monthly electricity statement and find a solar package that will meet your usage.
The Timberline Solar Shingle is a quick and easy way to replace your roof. GAF does have a standard shingle that matches the color of the Timberline if there isn't full coverage. Once installed, the solar shingles will start to harness the power of the sun and allow you to… Read More
Saving money by switching to solar shingles will depend on several factors…Read More
On average, homes that have solar in place sell for more. A recent Zillow study found home sale prices increase roughly 4% if solar is in place vs. homes that do not have solar.
There are federal tax credits for switching to solar energy. Shanco recommends talking to a tax professional to understand the details. You can get additional information Read More
Solar energy is green renewable energy that has numerous benefits.Read More
The GAF Timerbline Solar Shingle and Tesla Roof are two different products. However, they do share one similarity. Both products require full roof replacement, and neither can retrofit your existing roof. While both products produce green energy, they have significant differences. Read More
During a sunny summer day, your shingles will generate solar energy. Your shingles may generate more than you can use, and that excess is sent back to the grid, also known as your electric meter running backward… Read More

GAF is a Tier 1 solar manufacturer. There are several benchmarks to achieve a Tier 1 classification. It means that GAF owns its supply chain and invests heavily in research and development. Additionally, GAF has to use advanced robotic processes for its product and has been manufacturing solar panels for more than 5-years.

In essence, to earn a Tier 1 classification, solar manufacturers need to have expertise and innovation to show consumers that they are committed to a green future. GAF earned the highest honor at CES 2022 for the Best Innovation award for their Timberline Solar Energy Shingle.

Time of use is essentially peak hours of energy usage. They are the hours which demand for electricity is the highest. Peak demand costs are at a higher rate. Energy costs are typically the lowest between 10 pm and 5 am.
Grid-tied systems tie into the electrical grid. Tying in allows homeowners to sell excess energy and earn credits. Off-grid means removal from the power grid. An off-grid home means self-sustaining and requires large battery systems for off-peak times.
The Timberline Solar Shingles convert sunlight into electric energy through photovoltaic technology. That energy is a direct current (DC) and converts to alternating current (AC) through an inverter. Once converted, it becomes usable energy. Homeowners can use, store or send the energy back to the grid.
When your solar panels generate a surplus of energy, net metering allows the excess to flow into the grid. When it goes back to the grid, you will earn credits. The credits are used that evening. If there is unused credit at the end of the day, that amount accrues in your account for future usage.
Solar is an expenditure but making the switch with great rebates and financing options is consumer friendly. It's possible to have a lower bill for adding solar than your current electricity bill. However, there are numerous myths to debunk when adding solar…Read More