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Debunked Myths About Solar Energy

Wondering If Solar Will Work For Your Home? Let Us Check!

Wondering If Solar Will Work For Your Home?

Debunked Myths About Solar Energy

Solar energy isn't new, but advancements in technology make upgrading your home easier than ever. Don't let outdated ideas stand in the way of changing the future…

Solar only works when the sun is out.

The sun is out during the day. Cloudly, snowy, or rainy conditions will generate less solar power, but your shingles will still generate power. Net metering and battery storage allow you to use previously harvested energy during low sunlight or off-season. 

Solar isn't efficient enough for my needs.

The most efficient solar panel ever had an efficiency rating of 39%. It was too costly to manufacture on a large scale. Solar shingles harvest visible light. It does not absorb infrared and very little UV. There is a loss of visible light because some light converts to heat or reflects. 

Solar panels have evolved significantly over time. There is no better time to upgrade to solar with today's tax credits and financing options.

It's too expensive.

Solar has an up-front cost but making the change is easier than ever. With financing and tax credits, the time to make the change is now. Remember, you own solar and aren't tied to price increases from electricity providers.

The cost of electricity increases year over year. The average rate of increase is nearly 2% for VA, DC, or MD. A $200/ month electric bill in Washington DC (2.23%) will be roughly $250/ month in 10 years and $310/ month in twenty years. 

Sign-up today and save more than money. 

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